Our chambers were established in 1936 and
have been located in the centre of Bozen
since then. While our founder, Dr. Luis Sand,
spent his time mainly on criminal law in
addition to his duties as a Senator in the
parliament in Rome, in recent decades,
under the management of his nephew, Dr.
Gerhart Gostner, we have become one of
the leading law firms for civil law in the
As well as out of court advice we also
provide legal representation before all Italian
and European (EU) courts on all civil and
commercial matters. Our clients include
local, national and international companies
as well as private individuals. We offer our
services in German, Italian, English and
In addition to our extensive specialised
knowledge and experience of many years in
all areas of civil and business law, we have
also built up over the years a wide network
of leading legal firms at both national and
international level.